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Best Tips for Promoting Your Music Online in 2020.

Posted by Evermore Sound. March 03, 2020.

Here are twenty-five tips to promote your music online. Use multiple social media platforms to market your music and grow your network. Read more to learn how.

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What to Prepare for a Recording Studio Session

Posted by Evermore Sound. January 20, 2020.

Before you book your professional recording studio session, do your research, rehearse, and plan your time. Efficiently produce an excellent quality recording.

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Gibson vs. Fender

Posted by Evermore Sound. October 23, 2019.

Fenders are prominent within soul, funk, light rock, pop, country, and blues, while Gibson is often associated with classic, hard, and blues rock, and metal.

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Top 8 Reasons to Use a Professional Recording Studio

Posted by Evermore Sound. August 12, 2019.

Large, well-equipped monitoring and recording studios designed for optimum acoustic properties that reduce echo. Access to experienced sound professionals.

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10 Tips to Improve the Sound of your Drum Kit in 2020.

Posted by Evermore Sound. January 09, 2019.

Is your drum kit studio-ready? Be sure to read this guide before you go to the recording studio. Follow these ten essential steps to ensure optimal drum sound.