Studio A - The Neve Room

The Best of Both Worlds: Analog & Digital

At the heart of Orlando's Top Recording Studio

is the Neve Room, a state-of-the-art studio designed by owner/producer Luke Beaulac with the help of renowned studio designer Dave Rochester from Technical Audio Services.

The control room features an Amek/Neve Mozart console with forty channels of pristine, vintage Neve modules. This console produces a warm, luxurious analog sound that is also vibrant and "punchy." Musicians rave about its texture and timbre.
India Ari's Grammy-winning album was recorded on the Neve.

Front of our control room
Back of the control room

Amek Mozart by Rupert Neve

Neve consoles are some of the most sought after pieces of recording equipment in the world. When coupled with a talented sound engineer in a professional recording studio, capturing true musical magic is unavoidable. Evermore Sound is THE recording studio in Orlando for all your needs.

If you are not familiar, Rupert Neve, designer of the Neve consoles, was one of the most innovative and influential inventors of recording equipment. His early clients included the Beatles and producer George Martin, and his now discontinued mixing consoles are considered by many to be a crucial piece of gear for any music recording studio. His designs radically transformed the way recorded music sounds and his equipment is directly responsible for some of the greatest recorded music in history. You too can connect with the incredible history of Neve consoles at Evermore Sound music studio in Orlando!

Classic vintage recording studio gear

The Neve Room (Studio A) also provides artists with a wide array of vintage analogue hardware gear from Universal Audio, Sony, Crane Song, Chandler, etc. [See full list here]

Evermore Sound also provides a full complement of vintage and newer guitars, basses, drums, keyboards and amplifiers. Whether you are searching for the warm resonance of a 1979 Les Paul Custom, the punch and twang of a vintage Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster, or the jangle of the vintage Rickenbacker, Evermore Sound has your guitar tones dialed.

Drum set choices include full sets from DW Collectors Series & Gretsch Catalina Series, vintage snares from Ludwig, and a host of ride and crash cymbals from Zildjian. Evermore’s amplifier selection includes a fabulous Marshall JCM 800 with a 2203 Onslow mod as well as choice picks from Mesa Boogie, Hiwatt, Vox, Peavey, and the Fender '64 Custom Super Reverb. Whether you are hearing something brash and dirty or clean and pristine, Evermore Sound has the amp to bring your vision to life.

While there is no substitute for recording with authentic, vintage analog gear, Evermore Sound is fully equipped with a suite of recording software, top shelf plugins, and enough computer power to launch your tracks into orbit. So whether you favor an analog, digital, or hybrid approach to recording, Evermore Sound has the gear to capture your creativity in the best way possible.

Tried and true monitoring system

Monitoring is now handled by the very high performance active 3-way studio monitors ATC SCM45A Pro. We also use the HearBack system for headphone monitoring.

The Neve Room not only provides exceptional audio and perfect recording but also offers exceptional comfort and an incredible vibe. The 22' x 34' tracking room is great for any size band, ensemble, or choir. It's also a great room for tracking drums.

However, the piece that completes any professional recording studio is the mic selection. In the hands of a skilled recording engineer, a perfectly selected microphone can capture the subtlety and nuance of acoustic guitar strings on a fretboard, the airy lift of a sustain pedal on our Yamaha grand piano, or the rich color of a fading crash symbol at the end of your track.

Our mic choices make Evermore Sound the premier recording studio in Orlando with top of the line options from Neumann, Royer, Telefunken, AKG, Shure, Sennheiser, Audix, and more!