Voice Over Services

Crafting Quality Voice Performances for Over 20 Years

Voice Over Expertise

We offer voice over recording services any type of projects such as radio spots, podcasts, audiobooks, animations, narrations, and more. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced recording engineers ensure high-quality results every time.

Voice Over Recording

Recording Studio: We provide comprehensive voice over recording services tailored to your needs. Our skilled engineers will capture your desired voice over performances with precision and clarity.

Remote Recording Sessions: Utilizing advanced technology, we offer remote recording sessions via Source-Connect, Zoom, or Google Meet. This allows for seamless collaboration regardless of your location.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our studio features multiple vocal booths equipped with iPad capabilities, ensuring a smooth recording process for both clients and talent.

Neumann U87 Microphone

Voice Over Editing

In addition to our voice over recording services, we also offer comprehensive voice over editing to ensure your project sounds polished and professional. Our skilled editing team utilizes industry-leading software and techniques to refine your voice recordings to perfection.

Audio Cleanup: We meticulously remove any background noise, clicks, pops, or other unwanted artifacts from your voice recordings, ensuring a clean and professional sound.

Volume Balancing: We adjust the volume levels of individual voice tracks to achieve a balanced and consistent sound throughout your project.

Pacing and Timing: Our editors fine-tune the pacing and timing of your voice recordings to match the desired tempo of your project, ensuring smooth transitions and flow.

Script Alignment: If necessary, we align the voice recordings with your script to ensure accurate synchronization with visuals or other elements of your project.

File Formatting: We deliver your edited voice over recordings in the file format of your choice, ready for integration into your final production.


Our Delivery Process

Once your voice over recordings are completed, we ensure prompt and convenient delivery of your audio files. Our streamlined process makes it easy for you to access and integrate your voice overs into your project seamlessly.

Secure Upload: We upload your finalized voice over files to our secure servers, ensuring safe and reliable storage.

Custom Download Link: Upon completion, we provide you with a custom download link to access your audio files. This link is tailored specifically to your project and ensures secure access to your content.

Uncompressed WAV Format: Your voice over files are delivered in pure, uncompressed WAV format, preserving the highest quality audio for your project.

Zip Format: Your uncompressed WAV files are conveniently packaged into a single zip archive for efficient downloading. This ensures easy access and organization of all your voice over assets.


Luke working at the Neve console
Side view of our control room