What We Do

Recording, Mixing & Mastering, and more...

Evermore Sound recording studio
offers a wide range of services

Dedicated to inspiring, nurturing, and capturing creativity. Our expansive, well-equipped studios can accommodate solo musicians, large ensembles, and everything in between. Depending on your project, Evermore can provide expertise in and support for the following services:

Music Production & Arranging

Evermore Sound offers exceptional facilities along with expert ears, because even the best equipment can't ensure the best possible sound. Another musician needs to work with you through production, listening to your thoughts as well as your music to make sure that your ideas match your sound. Evermore works with you to realize your sonic vision from first take to final product, helping to elicit and capture your best possible performances.

Need session musicians to enliven and enrich your sound? Evermore can help book studio musicians plus create arrangements to complement your music.


At Evermore Sound, you'll have another musician behind the board dedicated to your success. We guarantee excellent sound quality and superb engineering, thanks to top-quality instruments and equipment as well as a talented and dedicated recording engineer.

Editing/Sound Design

Editing and sound design shape your soundscape. Accomplished musician Luke Beaulac works with you to find your vibe, blend your sound, and set your groove.


Nothing is premade at Evermore Studios. Instead, we are prepped for sophisticated, high-track count mixing projects uniquely set to your specific sound. Mix engineer Luke Beaulac processes your tracks to weave together separate strands into the final tapestry of your finished song. At Evermore Sound, elite gear and premium plugins ensure that the tracks come together seamlessly. With decades of experience working with musicians in all genres, Luke Beaulac knows how and when to intervene - when to polish the sound, soften or sharpen an edge, and when to step back and let the sound be.


Rich, deep, resonant, finely grained sound full of life and warmth is achieved through careful mastering. Bigger isn't better, nor is louder. Instead, Evermore Sound seeks out the right quality of sound for you and your project. That sound - its texture, shape, style, and timbre - then enhances the flow and vibe of your music.

Luke working at the Neve console
Side view of our control room

Speaking of style, Evermore Sound embraces all kinds of music. Owner and producer Luke Beaulac welcomes artists looking to record Rock, Pop, Reggae, SKA, Funk, Punk, Metal, Hard-Core, Acoustic, Jazz, Latin, Classical, Folk, Indie, Alternative, Gospel, and more.

If we can mic it, we can make it happen.