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Here you can read reviews from our recent clients. You will find reviews from a wide range of projects, instruments, and ensembles from solo singer-songwriters, to rock bands, to a Taiko drum performer, and many others. Everyone raves about Evermore’s welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, professional work ethic, attention to detail, and top-level skills. On top of that, everyone enjoys their time at Evermore and comes away with a serious, professional-level product that they are proud to share with the world. Evermore truly is the best recording studio in Orlando.

People make the difference at Evermore Sound. Having a musician like Luke with you every step of the way will not only make your experience at our music recording studio more rewarding and successful, it will make your tracks pop and shine like none other. Our clients rave about Evermore’s in-house engineering, mixing, and mastering services. Working with an experienced, professional musician is extremely beneficial to your project. Having a skilled musician and producer with you from the beginning to the end of your project means that your ideas are more likely to be realized exactly the way you want them.

Whether you are a singer-songwriter with an acoustic guitar, a rock trio, string quartet, or large jazz ensemble, Evermore Sound recording studio in Orlando offers the services and packs the knowledge and experience to bring all your music projects to life. Check out the reviews below and drop us a line to get the tape rolling on your next project!

We no longer post testimonials to this page. All reviews are now being posted on our Google Business page.

Best Studio in Orlando! Always satisfied at Evermore Sound.

- Michael Castro
Lake Worth Long Shots

A blind man will see again in this Lovely palace because i am coming back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Quincy Green

Most important staff is very patient and knowledgeable.... Nice atmosphere, great sound and lots of fun..I'll be back sooner than later!!!

- Ira Williams

I've been working with Luke for several months now. He's excellent to work with. Very knowledgeable and my songs would not sound as good without his help.

- Marty Ryan

S/O to Luke over there at Evermore. He's done a bulk of the production for my album "The Commentator" and its sounding crazy! Get at him if you're looking for quality/professionalism/ect.. He's a music enhancer for sure. You go in with a vision and come out with a masterpiece. -CO

- Curtis Higgins (Cobain)

K flex..... man it was amazing he really knows what hes doing

- Bill Allen (H.Y.P.E.)

Mid 2014 we recorded, mixed, and mastered a 5 song Ep at Evermore sound. The experience was amazing! I found Producer Luke Beaulac to be a super cool and down to earth person who is extremely easy work with. Also, he has an outstanding ear for tuning and timing. Every session was run extremely efficient which helped stretch the dollars. At the heart of the studio a classic Amek/Neve console. Sonic Gold! With that being said, I highly recommend Evermore Sound to any planning a production.

- Bryan Bonner
In The After

My band Liquid Spiral and I had a wonderful experiences working with Luke and Evermore Sound. Not only from a financial aspect, was I satisfied, but with the overall quality of the product we received. Luke promised us from the beginning that he would deliver on quality and he did not fall short. Evermore's willingness to adjust there schedule to our needs and schedule only helped the process. Overall, there is nothing but quality when it comes to working with Evermore Sound, and I must say that both myself and Liquid Spiral are very proud of our cd recorded at Evermore Sound and look forward to working again with them.

- Julian Vasquez
Liquid Spiral

I had a wonderful time at Evermore Studio. But it wasn't the sound quality, the amount of equipment, or the low price that surprised me - it was the people. Evermore Sound is run by passionate people doing what they love, and every ounce of that passion is reflected in the tracks they record. It sounds great, and it feels great too.

- Michael Posada

I came in thinking I was just going to lay down some tracks but Luke the Genius got me sounding radio ready. Evermore Sound is my new studio catch me doing all my projects here when i'm in Orlando. If your serious about taking your talents to another level this is the place to do it. Everything @ Evermore is definitely Professional quality. I guarantee you will get your money's worth. Hey Luke i'll be BACK!!!!

- Derison Jay Constant

When I moved from my home town Portland Oregon to central Florida several years ago, I lost access to my musician friends and had no idea where I would record my song demos. While surfing for studios in the area I ran across Evermore Sound and after talking to Luke I decided to give them a try.

Now having recorded several demos I can say Evermore fills all my needs for recording my original material, including help with finding players for the sessions. This is a clean, well organized and well-equipped studio. Not only is Luke a master at the console, but being a musician himself he has a good ear and has been very helpful as a co-producer.

With Luke and Evermore Sound I feel right at home again. Highly recommended!

Jim McIntire
Musician, Song Writer

- Jim McIntire

From the moment the door opens, the juxtaposition between simplistic, industrial park building to that of quality sound studio will captivate you. Walking right into that studio almost instantly made me a better singer/performer, but the truth of the matter was behind Luke's ability to bring it out of each member of my band. More especially myself, as the singer doing multiple harmonies and hearing suggestions that simply made the original path of song better! After laying tracks down, and hearing them sound so crisp pre-production/edit, it only made me long for the finished product. And to summarize the entire experience, YOU WILL ENJOY THE RESULTS. Evermore Sound is quality!!!!

- John Phillips
Apollo Electric

Great customer service, Very comfortable atmosphere to work in, for me bring a novice to this environment the engineer handle the situation as if I was an expert and went the extra mile to do things outside of our agreement to enhance the record I was working on by giving his expert advice I really appreciated the input. Thanks Luke and his Evermore Sound Staff

- Klep Kyosh
21PlusOne Music Group

Luke gave my song a pulse that was really needed. He added ideas to enhance music quality that brought it to another level, giving my song an edge that I was looking for and a finishing touch that I sought. I will definitely come back for my future projects.

- Jimi Sabol

I am pleased to call Evermore Sound my home!
Luke is an amazing engineer with a keen sense of delivery, timing and production.

I recommend Evermore Sound for all your recording needs!

- DizzlePhunk
American Jesus

Have no complaints with Evermore.
Luke & Elan were a delight to work with through the entire production.

- Robert N Serros

Man, I absolutely loved working with Evermore Sound. I'm a real picky person, and Luke exceeded my expectations. Everyone was professional. And Luke even gave me a few pointers....his knowledge of music is in all genres. Of course I'll be back! At this point, they're gonna have to run me away with a stick!
I mean that literally....

- Roy Benton

I have decades of experience in the music and recording business at all levels, Luke from Evermore Sound in Orlando, FL epitomizes the concept of an exceptional and talented producer. It is so hard to find such a person and so nice to be able to entrust him with our artists to get the best out of them and make it sound like a million bucks! His gifted ears, musical skills and ability to work with talent is only matched by his professional demeanor. If your serious about your music, I highly recommend Evermore Sound!

- Ken Cordes
Leesburg Bikefest

In the years I???ve been recording vocals with different bands I???ve had the opportunity to experience a variety of studio environments. I can honestly say that our bands time at Evermore Sound ranks among the most enjoyable to date.

First off, this was probably the least prepared I???ve ever been going into a project. Typically the studio is booked well in advance and there is plenty of time to have everything pre-produced and in most cases even performed the songs many times at our live shows. This time however we were only given two days??? notice that we had been selected record a song and that it help if it was a song with a specific subject.

So while I felt I could rise to the challenge and compose the lyrics with a deadline that close I still wasn???t quite sure how they were going to come out. To add to that we were expected to lay the tracks in an unfamiliar studio with a producer I had never met.

Well, from the moment we arrived at Evermore Sound I instantly felt at ease. Luke greeted us and I was immediately impressed at how clean, comfortable and accommodating the studio was. As most who have recorded with a band know, the process involves quite a bit of waiting until it???s your turn to track so in my opinion comfort outside the recording area is considerably important as well.

As Luke showed us around he asked about where we had recorded our other songs that were on our site which let me know that he takes a legitimate interest in the people who put their trust in him to bring their creations to life. He of course wanted to know what sound we were going for and we articulated as best we could and it was obvious that he grasped our concepts and knew how to go about making them a reality.

The entire session seemed very organized and fluid. Even though we were in there on someone else???s dime I think I speak for my band when I say we never felt rushed or that we sacrificed quality for the sake of time restraints.

We wrapped things up at almost exactly the predicted time and within two days were listening to the first mix of our song. We were all blown away by the quality that was achieved in such a short time and had very little to say on adjustments!

Luke???s ears, technical ability, and skills in producing and direction made the project possible and enjoyable.

So, on behalf of Staring Blind and myself, I want to say thanks to Luke Beaulac for turning a song we created but never heard into everything we hoped it would be and to anyone looking for a great place to bring their own creations to life, I highly recommend Evermore Sound!

Lead Singer - Staring Blind

- Matt Carver
Staring Blind

Hi Luke,
I had a great time recording my song! You and the musicians are good people with loads of talent. Can't wait to get back to your studio and do it again.
Thanks again, John

- John Caputo
Caputo Records

I took my new band to Evermore on a Friday night having never rehearsed to do a live demo. Luke was incredible, from the setup to the sound check it was obvious we were in the right place to get what we came for. We rehearsed a bit and then went for it laying down 5 songs live. I thought we had a pretty good result when I listened to the tracks. Then Luke sent us out for a break while he worked his magic. All I can say is WOW, an incredible job by Luke, he captured the live feel I was looking for plus he made us sound awesome!

If you are looking for a top notch studio with a top notch Producer/Engineer this is the place to go.

- StevieG and the Allstars

Evermore Sound recording studios provided a great atmosphere to record my taiko drums. Not only are they big, they are also a one-of-a-kind instrument. Luke efficiently took the time and precision to get the very best sound out of these unique drums. The studio itself was easy to load into and comfortable to spend the day at. We got a great product and also had a great time. Without a doubt, Evermore Sound will be the studio I continue recording at!

- Atsumi
ZERO taiko

Evermore Sound Studio is an amazing studio with one of the best producers I have ever had the privilege of working with, Luke Beaulac. Luke will really put all the work he can into your song, he will not stop until it sounds perfect. Luke has a lot of experience in music and knows what he is talking about. When I first went into Evermore Sound Studio, I was an average singer. Taking the direction from Luke I have emerged a hundred times better. Luke found all my weaknesses and my strengths and helped me to find my true voice. I have never sounded so great in all my years of recording. Luke is easy to work with and very fast at what he does. Luke does not believe in quitting. For instance he quotes, ???We are going to do this right or until you like what you hear, ok man???.

Luke really listens to what we project during all recording sessions, he just doesn???t push record and say, ???That???s a rap.??? Luke really takes his time analyzing everything and makes a good song sound great. The studio is really nice and supplied with the best equipment a successful producer needs to make your songs sound impeccable. Not only did we work at the studio but Luke is a genuinely nice guy who can have fun and joke around and made our experience memorable.

Evermore Sound Studio is a really laid back environment which makes it so much easier to work in. I am so glad that we chose to record our album at Evermore Sound recording Studio with producer Luke Beaulac.

I look forward to working with him in the future. I would definitely recommend any band looking for a real great studio, sound quality, and producer that will give you what you want and need, should go to Evermore Sound Studio. I can guarantee you will not regret it. Thanks, Luke you are awesome. Chow??????

Lead Singer of "Lit Up"

- Danny Comer

I would like to introduce myself on behalf of Mr. Luke Beaulac. My name is Dr. Otto Gomez. I have been performing and recording Trumpet for over 40 years. My web site is: www.drottogomez.com.

Approximately one week ago I had the pleasure of recording at Evermore Recording Studios in Orlando Florida. I had the unique pleasure of meeting the owner which was also the engineer.

From the very beginning, even before we met, as we spoke on the phone, I could tell that Luke had a very comprehensive understanding of his craft and the he would make the recording date one worthwhile.

The size of his facility can accommodate a small Jazz Trio to a 30 piece Orchestra. His choice of microphones on the session as well as his outstanding comprehension of the nature of the product that was being recorded left nothing to be desired.

His suggestions during the session were personal and concerning but without interruption. He was respectful and very courteous during the whole session. He is, by far, one of the best audio engineers in this town. In my opinion, he will do very well with future challenges.

Should you need me for anything, please feel free to call. (407) 810-3912.

- Dr. Otto Gomez
Dr. Otto Gomez

If you're looking for a recording studio in Orlando...I urge you to please check out Evermore Sound. Before the recording process we met with a lot of studios and producers..and let me tell you, we weren't happy with any of the studios we looked at until we met Luke Beaulac of Evermore Sound.

We were just taken back by the professionalism and knowledge about his art of recording. He was a really nice guy who just wanted to help us out and make sure we left with a great product. Right off hand we started pre-production. Which is great for any artist to get a respected producers opinion such as Luke's. Not only did he share great ideas for our music but he showed he actually cared about the music by the amount of attention and detail that was brought to the table.

After pre-production the structure of the song was complete we started the tracking process. Tracking was a lot of fun. The microphones and gear that the studio has to offer is top notch and pro quality. Which again bands/musicians is very important to record with the best gear versus garage band or your home made studio. Evermore Sound has the correct gear to make your band sound like rock stars.

Finally, we were on the the mixing/mastering stage. Where Evermore cleans up, adds effects, volume adjustment and much much more to make the song sound the absolute best. For the price you pay, its honestly a steal.

At the end of the day... if you want to go home with a recording that you and your band will be happy with for a lifetime...then you need to go to no other studio then EVERMORE SOUND!

- David Minshall

Working with Luke is like hanging out with an old friend - he makes you feel that comfortable.

The finished product is amazing - Luke helped me realize my true potential and then showed me how to turn that potential into a great product.

Thanks Luke! I can't wait to start my next project with you :)

xoxo Paula

- Paula Joy
Grady Goes Outside